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Pastor Benjamin Ardé

Benjamin was born in South Africa to missionary parents who travelled to parts of Africa, Mauritius, India, and the Philippines. He was exposed to many diverse cultures while growing up and spent many hours in the Word of God, prayer and ministry.


Through the apostolic and prophetic anointing carried by prayer, God has released revivals, miracles, and open heaven experiences which has transformed many lives.  His dedication to the call of God that he received in his early years has propelled him into deep dimenesions of God.  In South Africa and the U.S.A. he is recognized for his integrity as well as the accuracy in the gifts.  Benjamin envisions a mighty restoration of God's power for the greater works which he calls "Manifesting the manifesto."


Benjamin had his own television programme for nearly two years and was featured on Praise the Lord Live on TBN and The Elijah List. He has worked with many well known celebrities, movie producers, and rock stars. He has also worked closely with people from the Passion of the Christ, and has been a prophetic advisor to some big international church movements, Fortune 500 Companies, politicians and royalty. He has ministered on the same platforms at major conferences with well known ministers and preachers, namely John Bevere, Mark Chironna, Rodney Howard Browne and many others.


Over the last several years he has ministered extensively throughout the United States, South Africa, Australia, England, Scotland, France, Mauritius, Slovenia, Mexico, Dubai, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Israel.


In 2000 he established, alongside his wife Hayley, Arc South Africa, which is a vibrant growing church.

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