Many in the business world shall be disrupted. Many of them shall freak out. Fear not, for it shall be for the good. I will put My Joseph’s, I will put My ones in place. 


That which would want to squeeze and destroy – the serpent’s head shall be cut off. 

It shall be a kneeling down. It shall be a surrender from the top to the bottom. I am bringing this about.

There shall be a crisis in the land. It is nigh. It shall be a great crisis that shall come, but it shall draw My people to seek the face of God. Fear not when it comes.


Know that I am God. Know that I see. Know that I observe. Know that I am using it for My glory. 


Then you shall see who are the ones that carry My Word. A new authority, a fresh authority, a fresh power – it shall not be watered anymore. That which has been diluted shall not stand for many that have taken of that, they shall die. They shall die in that place. They shall not be sustainable, that which has been diluted, for there shall be a great hunger for the freshness, for the Bread, for the Word, for the Word and for the Spirit. 


It’s going to happen very quickly. 


Many are those that have diluted and diluted. They shall find themselves running dry for I shall turn their lights off. The lights are going off – out, out, out. They’re out. No more. Out, out, out, out.’

I shall deal with the idols. Many things shall come crashing down. And those that have not prepared shall freak out for there shall be nowhere to go. But those that have found the refuge shall be shielded and protected, and I have the wealth prepared for this hour and for this time.


I shall come with a great weight of My glory and My presence behind the house and behind the man of God. The Spirit of conviction shall be there, and a conviction of sin shall be there. Many shall come and run to the altar, for mass repentance shall begin. I have stayed away for a while, but My weight, My heavy weight, that which reveals the secrets – that which reveals the hearts.

There shall be much rejoicing, but there shall be much stillness for I will meet with you in a place of peace. I shall bring you to that place of peace, a tranquility from many storms. A tranquility that is supernatural, that shall come upon many in this hour. For it’s a peace that surpasses understanding that brings authority over circumstance. 


This is a gift that I am releasing to those that have called on Me in this season. Praise Me for it, for it’s coming,” says the Lord. 


10 April 2016



“Fear ye not,” says the Lord. “Fear ye not. Many would interfere. Many would interfere and stir, but in this time, in this season, there is going to be a calmness that shall come over this nation. O but he is stirring, yes, and he is throwing many, many different stones, but I will send My angels. There shall be people in groups and in areas where there shall be violence that will break loose. My saints shall be in these places and I shall protect them, but I will cause a diffusing to take place in these situations because I have heard the prayer of the saints. There are many prayers going forth. There are saints doing 24-hour prayers in areas. They are praying in this nation.  They are calling on Me.  They are crying out to Me. 


In this nation, the enemy is trying to do a great work of division and destruction and to dismantle everything that was begun by My Spirit, but what I began I shall complete.  He wants to alienate certain groups and bring them down. He wants to break down, but as you stand in My power and My might, truly I will pave a way and I will break through. So, fear ye not.  Just keep praising and listening to My voice.  I will put My men in key places.  I will put those in key places. You will find even those in certain political functions and certain functions, even in government.  Some will be dismantled, and some will be torn apart.  There are areas in the business realm—some will be torn apart.  Some even over business, they will be torn apart.  They will be removed.  They will be dismantled.  And I will raise up others. There is a great work of My Spirit that I am beginning, even in the government. 


I am going to cause there to be a crying out to Me.  I am allowing things to fall a little bit and fall in a little bit, so that it can be a crying out to My Spirit and a crying out to Me and saying, ‘We need the Lord and we need the men of God.  We need the women of God.  We need to bring this country back to God.  We have lost our way.  We have lost our way.’  Many even didn’t know the way, but they shall call on The Way and they shall find The Way. 


It is almost like the plug is being pulled and all the water is coming out, just draining out.  Everything that was there, it just wants to drain out—all the resources, all the blessings and everything. But I am sending My angels and I am going to plug that thing. And I will send the rain once again and I shall pour out of the blessing. There has been a spirit of pride amongst many in this nation and even hardness.  And even in all of these things they would not humble themselves and they would not truly cry out, but they would go back to their normal, normal, normal, normal, normal.  


I have been pleading and pleading and pleading with them, and there have been none to listen and none to hear the voice of the Lord, for they have gone and regressed back to their old ways.  


I shall bring that remnant through and they shall come through and they shall begin to possess lands, much lands that I shall give unto them. For the true Church will have favour with those in authority. They shall be like the Josephs and I shall expand and expand their territory.  There shall even come a time where this nation shall expand into other territories in Africa and it shall begin to take possession of different nations, because they call on this nation. For this nation is called to be a blessing to many nations,” says the Lord God Almighty.

Prophetic Word, 10 April 2016 Pastor Benjamin Ardé - Founder of Arc South Africa


10 July 2018

On 10 July 2018, the Lord woke me up at 2:30 in the morning with an open vision.  In the vision, I saw an outbreak of violence in South Africa and many people killed. I saw political leaders in cahoots with gang leaders. The police couldn’t handle the chaos that erupted. From the vision, it appeared that this was all part of a bigger plan being orchestrated. God gave me 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 and He said, “Break the plans of the evil one in South Africa” which is a direct translation of the Afrikaans version of 2 Corinthians 10:5 which states: “Terwyl ons planne verbreek...” The Spirit of the Lord then instructed me to call a fast so that we as a church could pray and fast for South Africa.

A few days after my experience, Dianne van Straaten (Assistant Pastor at Arc) came to me and shared a similar vision.  It was confirmation since she didn’t know about my earlier open vision. She saw that South Africa was on the verge of an explosive situation; the smallest incident could activate the explosion. She saw many dead bodies on the streets as a result of killing and violence.  

It is important to note that in 1993 my spiritual father, Jacques van Straaten, said that because the churches had prayed and fasted, what the enemy had planned for South Africa was broken. In fact, these principalities that were intended for South Africa had gone to Rwanda. The Book of Matthew 8:28 – 34 clearly states that when the principalities were cast out of the possessed man they needed an alternative dwelling place. They entered a drove of pigs nearby. When the principalities were cast out of South Africa they had to find another country to enter; they entered Rwanda. Dianne also had a dream where she saw me pointing and saying, “What the principalities and powers had intended for South Africa back then, they want to implement now.”


We call upon pastors, leaders, churches, and anyone who feels led to do so, to join us as we call on heaven for the nation of South Africa.


Pastor Benjamin Ardé

Founding Pastor at Arc