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Recently Pastor Benjamin prayed for healing in the service.  When he prayed I experienced a warm, hot feeling in my upper body.  Today I have no more pain in my left shoulder! Praise God! Thank you so much Pastor Benjamin for praying and being obedient to the Spirit!
• Sheila



The past few months have been extremely hard for me. After 3 incidents of losing money, I was despondent and disillusioned. I couldn’t even speak... I felt emotionally dead.A few weeks ago Benjamin asked for those who need a miracle to come to the front. I immediately went up. After all these months of confessing life I asked God to give me a very specific word because at that stage I needed more than a ‘generic’ word (with all due respect to God). The words that Benjamin spoke when he put his hand on my head were, ‘Make it visible.’ This is what I needed to hear! Even though my 3 jobs don’t even cover my expenses right now, I have been convicted about tithing. I have never had an issue with tithing but right now it’s really hard since the bills are all urgent. Regardless, I decided to tithe R800. It’s about all I had to give...The following Monday a friend blesses me with a ticket to New York which included accommodation. On the Wednesday another friend offers to pay the R2000 embassy fees. On the Wednesday evening a gym member hands me a gift for my kids’ birthdays - R800 voucher! I am thankful to Arc for being such an instrument and always soak in as much as I can.

• Charne




My son picked up a virus and the count should have been below two and the count was actually 82, so I phoned Benjamin and asked him to please pray with us and within 3 days the virus count went all the way down.

• Henk                 



(Claude is a man of God who loves the Lord, working in communities every day with difficult people on the front lines. The Lord spoke a word to Claude that He was going to bless him with a vehicle, because he didn’t have a vehicle to do what he needed to do).  

I got a call one morning to go over to someone’s house. That person told me, “this is your car”. My mind flipped back to the prophecy that Prophet Benjamin prophecied over my life that God was going to bless me with a new vehicle.  All expenses are paid for including the licence and insurance.  I don’t need to pay anything.

• Claude   



I was diagnosed with polycystic kidneys and as a result I lived on water and blood pressure medication.  In September 2011 I asked Pastor Benjamin to pray for me and since then I have not needed to take medication.

• Jeanette



My son, who is a doctor and specialist in Canada, phoned me to say he was very sick.  He was so sick that he was taking Morphine.  He ended up in ICU.  None of the doctors could figure out what was wrong with him.  I told Pastor Benjamin and he prayed.  He said that the doctors wouldn't be able to find out what was wrong with my son (which happened as he had prophesied).  He then prayed and rebuked the spirit of death.  After Pastor Benjamin prayed my son was totally healed.




On Sunday, October 13th 2013, Pastor Benjamin gave me the following prophetic word from God: "I am going to open up doors for you and they are beyond and you may even find failures in your circumstances and failures in your studies but that is not going to determine the outcome of what I planned in your life.  The gift of God makes room for you.  I have gifted you.  I have anointed you.  And I will prosper you."  

At this stage I was preparing for my year-end exams at UCT and trusting God that I would be able to study my dream degree, BComm Accounting, the following year.  Not even two weeks later I received the news that I was not accepted.  I was gutted and didn't know how I would write my year-end exams because getting into BComm was really the only thing carrying me at this point.  I continued to trust God that I would get in but deep down I knew God was going to open another door.

In December that year I was applying for holiday work and came across an opportunity for a part-time student position in the business world.  I applied and two days later I got the call to come in for an interview.  God really took over during the interview because I had never done anything like this before.  That Friday I started with the job and since then I decided I would study via correspondence from the middle of the year (2014).

On February 2nd 2014, Pastor Benjamin had a word from God about propmotion coming.  That Thursday I walked into the office and my Supervisor called me in and said that they wanted to offer me a permanent contract until I begin with my studies in July and from then we will re-negotiate the contract to be flexible with my study hours.  The contract I was offered meant my salary was more than double than my starting salary and the work I am doing is what a BComm degree holder is qualified to do.

• Bronwyn



I was under tremendous pressure at work.  My stomach would burn and I would have such stabbing pains that I would feel like I was going to pass out.  I was worried because I couldn't afford to see a doctor.  Sometimes I would throw up from the stress.  One Saturday my condition hit its peak and I asked God to help me. On the Sunday Pastor Benjamin said he picked up in the spirit that there was a lady who was experiencing ulcer-like pains due to stress.  I went forward for prayer and God touched me.  Since then I have peace and no more pain or discomfort.

• Laetitia



On 27 February I went to go see my doctor because I was feeling tired all the time.  He advised me that I had a shortage of iron.  He took a blood sample and sent it away for testing.  The next day he phoned me to say I must come see him as a matter of urgency.  When I went to see him he told me that a person's iron level should not be higher than 300 and that mine was 900 with enlarged red blood cells.  On Sunday at church, during worship, Pastor Benjamin started praying and prophesying.  God touched me and I had a strong taste of iron in my mouth.  On Monday I went to Dr Lourens to have more tests.  The tests came back showing everything was normal.  All honour to our heavenly Father for with Him nothing is impossible.  My doctor can give more information regarding my medical condition.

• Marius



On Tuesday, 25 February 2014 I became ill.  On the Thursday I went to the doctor as the fever would not break. On the Saturday my condition had worsened so on the Saturday evening (early Sunday morning) I went to hospital where I was admitted.  On Sunday evening I received a verse - Isaiah 58:8: "And your healing shall spring forth speedily.'  On Monday morning someone came to tell me that in the Sunday evening service Pastor had received a word from God that someone was sick, but that healing was on the way.  On the Monday the staff still did not know what was wrong with me, but praise God by Tuesday I was completely healed and healthy.

• Henk



In November 2014 I responded to an altar call Pastor Benjamin made where he prayed for several people for healing, including myself.  I was slain in the Spirit and felt myself shaking and vibrating which felt like jolts of electricity.
On the Monday I had an appointment with a neurosurgeon, and I was told at the appointment that my back had been completely healed, and I no longer required surgery.
During this time I also suffered from serious severe bouts of cold fever.  On Tuesday morning, 18 November 2014, I was rushed to the Emergency Ward of Panorama Medi-Clinic.  I was admitted with acute urinary problems. The specialist did biopsies and concluded that surgery was required as he believed that there were malignancies.  Pastor Benjamin prayed for me and subsequent blood tests revealed that a miracle has taken place.  I give glory to Jesus for my healing.

• Carl



I have been having severe pain in my shoulder for 4 months. I was having trouble sleeping, and I was going to buy a new bed because of it.  I was sitting at the back of the Prayer and Agreement Service at Arc on 18 January 2015. Pastor Benjamin prayed and then said, 'Move the part of your body where you are experiencing difficulties.' I raised my hand in the service to see if God would heal me and the pain suddenly left my shoulder.  At the time I was also experiencing disabling pain in my foot which I noticed was gone too.

Thank you Jesus.

• Francois




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