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Look to the Rock

Benjamin Ardé

God is saying, 'For those that have chosen to walk in the way of My Spirit and of My power and of My anointing, I'm releasing something that will be mighty and powerful that will put you on display.  The ones that have been following My way and My principles; the ones that have been seeking My face: I want you to look to the Rock.  This generation, if you are seeking after Me and you are walking in My righteousness, look to the Rock. It's the stable factor.  If you keep looking to the Word, you will not fall and you will not fumble, you will not fail and you will not go under. You will be stable.'


'Look to My promises, look to My Word. Look to what I've spoken over you're life.  The problem is that you've been so focused on you'r problem, but while you are standing, look to the Rock!  I am about to release comfort to people that are in pain. I am about to release comfort in all the waste places.  My Holy Spirit is the Comforter.  I'm releasing the power of the Holy Spirit once again. I'm releasing the comfort in the waste places, in the desert places and in the wilderness.' 


And the Lord says, 'I shall release My church and she shall become like a garden of beautiful fruit. Fruitfulness shall come in this hour.  I am going to give her joy and gladness.  I am going to release a sound; I am going to release a melody; I am going to give her a song in the night.  The Lord says, 'If you live in Me, move in Me, have your being in Me, you will be able to recognize every work of the dragon and I will pull it down.  I want to do a work of restoration in this hour of destruction. And I want to bring My breath back into the body.  The last day church that I am going to use is a church that is weak, broken, doesn't have the goods, messed up, failed. But let the weak say, "I am strong". Let the poor say, "I am rich."  For I will do the work and it shall be a marvelous work and I shall show Myself up."


'There is a generation that has been waiting upon Me, that has been leaning upon Me.'   God says, 'I'm coming forth with salvation.  I'm coming forth with righteousness.  I'm coming for the sinner.  Awake, awake, put on your strength.  I'm about to stir some things up!'


Righteousness attracts God's favor and God's blessing.  It is not an easy thing, but grace empowers you to walk in the life of the Spirit.  For righteousness is where you're walking under the blood that God has empowered you with.  God has not chosen you only to survive, but to be alive, to thrive, increase and multiply.


Some of you shouldn't be where you are, but God called you and has chosen you.  Don't meditate on your mess, but meditate on the message.  Righteousness you didn't deserve, but God gave it to you by His grace through His Son.  There is a power and a might that God is releasing for His people in this hour.  They shall be a hope and a light to the nations.  The more you are in the Word and you are meditating on the Word, God's promises get activated in your life.  If you don't have a heavenly vision, you will not see what is going on. We must have our stability in heavenly places.


The spirit of revival is coming in the midst of what has been happening.  God is stirring, God is dealing, God is cutting off.  Old natures won't stay in with what the Lord is doing.  The holiness of God is coming in the church again.  The body isn't really the full body yet, but it's about to manifest in a glorious way.  It's not going to be manufactured by anybody, but by those who are waiting, expecting and looking to the Rock.  The Lord is going to breath life into those who are hungry for Him.


We will see a strong spirit of delusion that many will be taken into, but in the midst of it all God is calling the true church.  The call that is going out is the same call that went out to His bride, the wise.  God is calling a people to wake up right now.  Get out of religion and tradition.  Get out of comfort.  Get out of what your grandparents did.  Get out of what the old church structure did. God is doing a new thing.  Get rid of all your hurts. Get rid of all your pains.  Wake up with an excitement, wake up with a joy, wake up with a promise.  Wake up with the knowledge that you're on the Lord's side.  Wake up with the knowledge that He chose you and wants to use you.  Awake! Fan into flame the gift of God.  Fan into flame the promises of God.  Fan into flame the inheritance that God has for you.


It's not a time to be weak.  It's a time to be spiritually empowered by the Holy Ghost.  And when you are weak, know that strength will come upon you.  What is your strength?  Your strength is Christ upon you, the Hope of Glory.  Stop looking to the past.  Stop looking to the former things.  Stop looking to your problem.  Put on your strength - be strengthened with might in your inner man.


Wake up and say, 'I'm putting on the Ancient of Days. Inside of me is the Ancient of Days.  He was, He is, He is to come.  He's the glory and the lifter of my head.'   The Lord is calling a church to stand up in the power and in the might that He has called for them.  The greatest force you will be dealing with right now is the energy and the powers that war in your members; that is warring in your emotions; that are stirring things up inside of you.  This is the dragon - that fire breathing dragon.  The spirits, powers, principalities and the rulers of the darkness of this world are out to destroy what God is birthing in this season.  And the only cure is to walk in the Spirit.  When God takes you out of the world and He takes you out of the church world you will be spirit and truth.  I believe the church will see a visitation of the Lord.  God can put it all together, but if we've lost the Holy Spirit, we have nothing.  God formed Adam out of the dust, but yet He had to breathe into him.  When we repent and we humble ourselves and we get back to God, God will breathe His breath of life back into His body. 


You got to shake the dust off of your feet and say, 'Devil, I've had enough of your works in my life!  Get out of my life! I'm standing up!'   You need to get up and say, 'Praise God!  I've got life inside of me!  I've got joy inside of me!  I've got the Spirit inside of me!  I don't live by my feelings. I don't live by my circumstances.  I live by the Word of God. I'm anointed.  I'm chosen!'   Whatever it costs you, get up and follow the Word everyday, because if you do that, you will meet with Jesus.  And if you meet with Jesus, the world will change!


It is about time that we see a church that is willing to pay a price - not a priceless gospel, but a 'price-full' gospel.  We pay a price and love not our lives unto death.  And we will see the dividends of Heaven being released unto us and the angels of Heaven at our disposal.  And of course persecution shall come, but the glory shall be great and the power shall be great.  You shall not go out with haste, nor by flight, for the Lord will go with you.

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